• What’s the entire process of borrowing/lending a book?

    1. Book borrower sends a Borrow Request for a book to another book reader.
    2. Lender accepts the request (Lender has the option to reject the borrow request as well).
    3. Both book readers communicate on Lenro chat and finalize a date, time, and venue of the book borrow/lend/exchange. You’ll get an email for every message you receive on Lenro.
    4. Post the meeting, the book lender updates the book status to Lent.

  • How can I add my books that I can Lend?

    There are 3 ways to add your books to can-lend shelf:

    1. If you've Goodreads account, then you can import all your books in just 1 click. When you sign up using Goodreads, your books are automatically imported to Lenro. If you signed up otherwise, you can go to your Edit profile page and at the bottom of the page you'll find "import books from Goodreads" button. You’ll have the option to choose which books you want to lend from the list of books imported from Goodreads.
    2. You can search for the book you wish to lend and then choose "I would love to lend" button in the search result. You've to do this step for all the books you want to add.
    3. You can send pics of your bookshelf or multiple pics of your books to us @ jointheparty@lenro.co. We'll add all those to your Lenro bookshelf. You can choose which ones to lend from them.

  • How can I be sure of the security of my books? What if someone I lend a book to does not return it? Or what if the borrower blemishes my book? Or how do I ensure that I get back my book in time?

    Lenro runs on trust and shared respect of books. If you have an iota of doubt about your book, best way to alleviate the risk is to get a book in exchange from the other book reader. Just browse the other book reader's bookshelf and pick a book that you would want to read and borrow the same. You get to read a new book plus you get book as kind of security too. Win win for both of you!

    We, book readers, are very good to books. We take hell lot of care of our books. So how can we think that we'll not take care of the books that we borrow from others. In fact, we take double care of the borrowed books :) Yeah, there might be 1% of folks who don't treat books well, but rest of us are cool folks. Let's meet and borrow/lend/discuss books and make more friends in neighborhood/college than stopping ourselves from doing and experiencing amazing things because of just 1% folks :)

    Lenro connects book readers who live close by to each other (maybe, same residential block or same college or same corporate campus). Face to face meeting creates a sense of trust which will make people return books on time and in awesome condition. There might be odd cases when borrower forgets to return the book, but Lenro has that sorted. We send periodic reminders — every two weeks — to the borrower to return the book.

    There is no fixed 'time' policy in place because some of us read a book in few hours while others take more than four weeks. Borrower and lender can decide the rough time estimate while borrowing/lending the book. Anyhow, that time is flexible :)

  • How do you make sure that I won’t meet a stranger psychopath for borrowing/lending a book.

    Every user profile has links to their social networks on user’s Lenro profile page. Going through those links give a sense how the other person will be like. If borrower/lender has not added social networks links on their Lenro profile, please request them to do so.

  • Any incentive to lend my books?

    The best thing is you get to meet like-minded people in your immediate neighborhood. Lenro gives you an Amazon Books gift coupon of USD One (or INR 50 or similar amount in your local currency) for every book you lend on Lenro. Lenro will send you the gift coupon in your email after you’ve lent three books. Spread the love of reading!
    Note: Only one book lent per user is eligible for the gift coupon. Means you've to lend three books to 3 different users to get gift coupon from Lenro.

  • Do you’ve a mobile app? Are you planning for a mobile app?

    We don’t have a mobile app yet, but we are thinking of Android app. No timeline as of now.

  • Can I giveaway my books?

    Yeah, you can tell the borrower to keep the books (and pass on them further) while lending your books.

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