About Us

Lenro is on the mission to connect neighborhood book readers across the globe.

We believe that the book you want to read (maybe about to buy) is already present in your neighbourhood. It's already read, and the book-owner book lover would love to lend it to you. Lenro connects you two folks so that you can borrow/lend books for free and spread the love of books. Stop searching for cheap books, used books or second-hand books. Borrow/Lend original print books from book readers in your immediate neighborhood.

Books discussions are as important as reading the book. Book clubs and book meetups are doing an okay job, but they are not present everywhere, are often poorly managed, and their experience is not always the best. Lenro wants to convert every neighborhood into a virtual book club/meetup. Now you don't have to wait for Sundays to meet an unknown set of people across the city to discuss books. You can find and meet like-minded book readers in your neighborhood and discuss your favorite books anytime. Book discussions are those magical moments where we lose track of time. Hours seem like few minutes. With Lenro, we want to create those magical moments across the globe.

And yeah, don't cage your books to your bookshelf. Lend your books and bring them back to life. This way, you get to meet inspiring like-minded people (yeah, book readers have so much in common) in your neighborhood.

Come, join us! Explore the world of books around you!